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Why this page is here...

Our shipment of donkey milk got to OKC on the 2nd of June. The FDA has held it since then, and has taken 1/4 of it to analyze. Their system says it's estimated release date is June 29th. This has NEVER happened before, and we've been importing donkey milk for years, and were the first to do this in the USA.


Unfortunately, no one at the FDA can tell me why. But I can tell you that we have been fighting some huge environmental issues here in Oklahoma. This spring, we wrote a bill and took it to the Senate that would have stopped a multi million dollar corrupt industry from continuing to contaminate farms, ranches, and aquifers across the State with Humanure / biosolids, a toxic slurry of human and factory waste used as "fertilizer" on farms and ranches (happening now across the USA.)

Since we met with the Senators at the Capitol on this issue, we had an "anonymous" call inciting investigations into our Oklahoma Donkey Dairy, and the Oklahoma Department of Ag as well as an agent from the FDA show up at our farm to "investigate" us. They informed us that "we can't find anything you've done wrong, but, our lawyers are looking for something now."

They then told us we could no longer "advertise" our raw Oklahoma Donkey milk on our own website, or even put up a sign on our property, unless we build a USDA grade A pasteurized facility. We have had multiple lawyers look into this and tell us it is completely unjustified and unfounded, however, if we challenge this illegal mandate, they could come and seize and destroy all of our products (does this mean our herd of 36 critically endangered American Mammoth Donkeys as well as our donkey milk?)

The FDA agent refused to tell us who made this anonymous call. And now the FDA has seized our shipment of imported donkey milk, worth thousands of dollars, effectively shutting down both our raw donkey milk business from the farm, and our imported donkey milk business, within a month.

The Senator who helped us write this bill has himself used donkey milk for his child with amazing results, is a personal friend, has sat with his family at our table and fellowshipped with us, and is now completely ignoring our requests for help.

In America today, anyone, at any time, can just make a phone call to an agency and you will find yourself under investigation. Guilty, until proven innocent.

We did the right thing. We stood up against corruption for the health of our children and yours. And now our farm and our business is at stake, and the milk you depend on.

We are doing everything we can to get your milk released and continue the work God has given us to do.

In the meantime, we have stopped all pre-orders on the milk, and with it, the majority of our income.

If you would like to help us keep the farm going, and keep the cost of the freeze dried milk as low as possible, below is a link to sponsor hay for the herd here in Oklahoma. And a link to help sponsor the Grade A barn to continue advertising our raw milk sales in Oklahoma. Because, God has bigger pockets than I can fathom.

Above all, please pray. This is so much bigger than us.


The Traywick Family