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One gentleman who drank donkey milk as a child for his chronic lung issues traveled hundreds of miles to our farm to get a cooler full of donkey milk to give to the children in his community that he knew could benefit from having donkey milk.

He's done this twice now.


If you know a family that needs donkey milk, but you can't make the trip to the farm like the gentleman above, you can purchase a gift card below to bless a family with the gift of Donkey Milk, or email us at to donate through our non-profit, Hee Haw for Health.

When you buy a gift card, a unique code will be emailed to you. The gift card can be redeemed at checkout on any future purchase.

P.S. For the families that need donkey milk for their child, they will appreciate this gift card FAR more than a set of Legos, or a new Barbie, or another video game.

God bless!

The Traywicks