Request for Milk Money Donations

Donkeys produce a small amount of milk daily and supply is limited. Additionally, life on a farm is unpredictable (miscarriage, illness, drying up, etc.). In order to provide assistance to those with the greatest need first, we process our application forms through a selection committee who weight each application according to need.

Donations are given on behalf of our children through private donors, this is NOT a government assistance program. There are limited donations available, and it is extremely important that we insure these go to the families who need them most.

THE PROCESS: All submissions will be given to the Review Committee on the 1st day of each month. The committee will then have seven days to evaluate each application according to the scoring rubric. The scores will then be submitted to the non-profit board member who will have seven days to evaluate the applications. Each application will have a response via email within 30 days after submittal. Vacations and illness might delay response time. If you do not receive a notification within 30 days, please resubmit your application at a later date for review. 

IF THE MILK IS HELPING YOUR CHILD AND YOU NEED ADDITIONAL DONATIONS TO CONTINUE THE MILK, please resubmit this form before the 1st of each month for review for additional donations. Since we depend on the generosity of others donating on behalf of our children, we cannot give donations unless we have funds to provide them. Each donation is a gift and a blessing we are grateful to be able to share with the children that need it most. Disclaimer: Donkey Milk is not a cure all, panacea, or promise. It is nutritional support. There are no guaranteed results. We are not doctors. We make no health claims. The responsibility to research what scientists have found rests with you.

Please click the link below to apply for donations.

Donkey Milk Donation Application