Donkey Milk from Azores to USA

Donkey Milk for Health

When you've tried everything else...

"Ordered the donkey milk for my son who has PANDAS over a month ago and the only kind that was available was the freeze dried. It truly has been a miracle for him!"

PANDAS MOM in Oklahoma

...then you heard about donkey milk

"We purchased our first package of freeze dried donkey milk from you last month for our 8 year old Lab who has seizures. Her episodes have decreased since we added the donkey milk to her treatment regime and definitely plan to keep using it."

-A Devoted Dog Owner

...for some, it's an answer to prayers.

"We just finished our 1st bag of freeze dried milk and my daughter is doing great thanks to it! Definitely we will order more!"

-V.V. in Donkey Milk for Health Group

Our Story

Happy Donkeys make the best milk!

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The rest of the story....

What does a little family donkey dairy in America do when they can't keep up with the demand for their donkey milk?

Take a leap of faith across an ocean to bring the best European Donkey Milk to the USA.

In case you were wondering, Donkey Milk isn't exactly a new thing, or some weird health fad.

You could ask King Francois the 1st, or Cleopatra, or Nefertiti, or Poppea why they loved their milky....if you had a time machine. While you're at it, bring Hippocrates back with you, that dude knew his donkey milk.

For those of you without a time machine, we've compiled a googles worth of  Donkey Milk research right here. No time travel required.  Check out the latest science behind this remedy with a serious past. And follow @dulcededonke for all the anecdotal stories from anecdotal parents of anecdotal kids...who, anecdotally speaking, love their donkey milk. 

Donate Milk Money

Give the gift of donkey milk to a child in need. Your donation helps us provide milk to families at the end of their rope. Because every child deserves a chance to be healthy, and insurance doesn't cover donkey milk. Yet.