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My father has COPD, and he read online that donkey milk would help... its been a few months of him drinking it and he hasn't taken a pill prescribed by the doctor since! Amazing solution and it even tastes great.
God bless!

Ilija Curic

When you've tried everything else...

"Ordered the donkey milk for my son who has PANDAS over a month ago and the only kind that was available was the freeze dried. It truly has been a miracle for him!"

PANDAS MOM in Oklahoma

...for some, it's an answer to prayers.

"We just finished our 1st bag of freeze dried milk and my daughter is doing great thanks to it! Definitely we will order more!"

-V.V. in Donkey Milk for Health Group

A couple of years ago a fellow PANS/PANDAS mom talked about the anti-inflammatory benefits of donkey milk and how it drastically improved her child’s quality of life. Not one to balk at anything that might help my kids, I happily gave it a try. And it worked for us.
Not only did it work for my PANS/PANDAS kid, but as I started experimenting with it I found it worked for any of us that were struggling with anxiety, allergies, candida, etc. If we were struggling with inflammation of any kind I employed those donkeys to give our bodies the extra help we needed. And they always come through!
It’s the first thing we reach for now. My kids know that if they’re feeling out of sorts, they’re getting donkey milk for breakfast.
Thank you to the Traywick family and those sweet and generous donkey mamas!

Jillian K

I started buying donkey milk, both raw and freeze dried, from Walt and Saundra because I have a 14 year old with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, OCD, psoriasis, and anti-tubulin antibodies (which is a protein in the brain), and a 5 year old with SIBO and skin rashes as well. We started using micro doses of the DM and have stepped up to 1tsp freeze dried/day and it hasn’t been long enough yet to see major changes but I will say that my daughter went from having extreme irritable bowel symptoms, to virtually none at all almost immediately after starting. This is proof to me that our microbiome is being affected for the better and we have no intentions of stopping any time soon, if ever. I have high hopes that DM will eliminate my kids’ leaky gut and food sensitivities in the long run. I actually need to submit another order today! Oh! One more thing- the Better than Botox cream is working wonders on my sons rashes! This tells me they’re bacterial in nature and if it can heal him on the outside, I believe it will heal him on the inside. Thanks so much Walt and Saundra!


Make a difference for a child in need.

Donate to children in need. Your tax deductible donation to Hee Haw for Health 501c3 helps provide donkey milk and Wellness Scholarships to children with chronic illness and funds educational health events for families @heehawforhealth


Our Story

What does a little family donkey dairy in America do when they can't keep up with the demand for their donkey milk?

Take a leap of faith across an ocean to bring the best European Donkey Milk to the USA.

In case you were wondering, Donkey Milk isn't exactly a new thing, or some weird health fad.

You could ask King Francois the 1st, or Cleopatra, or Nefertiti, or Poppea why they loved their milky....if you had a time machine. While you're at it, bring Hippocrates back with you, that dude knew his donkey milk.

For those of you without a time machine, we've compiled a googles worth of  Donkey Milk research right here. No time travel required.  Check out the latest science behind this remedy with a serious past. And follow @dulcededonke for all the anecdotal stories from anecdotal parents of anecdotal kids...who, anecdotally speaking, love their donkey milk. 

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