NOVEMBER pre-order for CRUELTY FREE Donkey Milk: USDA Organic from the Atlantic Azores Islands

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This is a pre-order for our NOVEMBER donkey milk. 

We do our very best to keep the milk in stock, but PLEASE STOCK UP in case of emergencies!  When unopened, the freeze dried milk has a TWO YEAR expiration date (the expiration date is on each box.) If the milk is essential for you or your child, please stock up if you can!!!

(WE ALSO HAVE RAW DONKEY MILK AVAILABLE NOW ON OUR FARM IN OKLAHOMA. It is frozen in glass jars, so you can pick up a cooler full at a time. If you would like to schedule a raw milk pickup at our farm in Oklahoma, email )

PLEASE NOTE: We are now offering the Azores Donkey Milk in either the original, one bag of 100 grams, OR two bags of 50 grams each. Some parents were starting their children at such lose doses that they were having trouble going through the entire 100 gram pack within 4 weeks after opening. If you are just starting and can't get through the package within 1 month of opening, you may want to purchase the two 50 gram bag option to prevent wasting any due to spoilage. 

We are thrilled to partner with a small family donkey farm on the Azores Islands of Portugal Asinus Atlanticus USDA Organic European donkey milk to the USA. 

OUR DONKEY MILK IS CRUELTY FREE. In China they are slaughtering donkeys for their hides to make Ejaio and meat. In Italy they make baby donkeys into sausage. The production process and feed used to mass produce donkey milk results in a milk that will NOT have the same results as our Azores Organic, cruelty free donkey milk!!! If you hear someone say they tried donkey milk and didn't see any results, ASK THEM WHERE THEY PURCHASED IT FROM. There IS a difference!!! 

Our raw donkey milk from our Oklahoma Donkey Dairy is only available for purchase on our farm (FDA regulations prohibit any raw milk from being shipped across state lines). So we have partnered with a small farm on the Azores Islands (Asinus Atlanticus) to be their exclusive distributor in the USA. 

This is 100 grams of pasteurized, freeze dried 100% donkey milk, which, when reconstituted equals approximately 1 liter of liquid donkey milk. It is in a vacuum sealed package, so we can ship it anywhere in the USA. 

You can reconstitute using bottled Fiji brand water or pure, filtered water. You can also use in smoothies, sprinkle over applesauce, or put in gel capsules and take in small amounts. Please read the information on herxheimer reactions and why it's extremely important for those with health issues to start with a VERY small amount and increase slowly. (For example: our daughters drink 1/2 cup, 2x a day. Some children only need a few tablespoons or even a teaspoon a day. This is NOT like cow or goat milk! Donkey Milk is the closest in composition to human breast milk. For more testimonials and information please go here.)

To reconstitute powdered Donkey Milk from the Azores into liquid donkey milk, it is best to measure by weight in Grams (more accurate than Tablespoons.) You can use a kitchen scale like this one.
To Make Water Powder
1/2 oz 1 Tbsp 1.5 g
1 oz 1/8 cup 3 g
2 oz 1/4 cup 6-7 g
4 oz 1/2 cup 12-13 g
8 oz 1 cup 24-25 g


***If your family is under financial hardship and you have a sick child in need of donkey milk but cannot afford it, please submit your donation request application here.

From Asinus Atlanticus: "Placed in Terceira Island, Azores, the company was established in 2012, and has a team of experts present through all the processes of extraction, transformation and exportation of the donkey milk. With a growing number of animals, we also hope to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in our Region, by rediscovering the value of this endangered species.


The geography and weather conditions make our donkey milk unique and naturally rich in omega 3.

Situated in the central ridge of the Atlantic North, amidst the West Coast of the European Continent and the East coast of North America, the Azores Archipelago  represent the European westernmost border. It’s location in the central área of the North Atlantic Ocean, has placed the Azorean Islands, for centuries, in the center of the transatlantic routes. The archipelago’s nine islands, of volcanic origin, present diverse landscape aspects with common geological features. The Azores have a maritime temperate climate. The latitude, the insularity, the landscape and the warm gulf current are different factors that determine the climate characteristics of the archipelago, particularly it’s temperature and rainfall ranges. The weather conditions of the Azorean islands, with  frequent and heavy rainfall all trough the year, combined with the volcanic, very fertile, soil, lead to ever so green and productive pastures, of grass rich in ómega 3 fatty acids.


Lyophilization our freeze drying is a dehydration process for the preservation of diverse substrates – food, bacteria, active ingredients- in which they are frozen and the water in them is extracted by sublimation (direct transition the solid to the gaseous state). Our team has at its disposal new and modern equipment and partnerships that ensure the utilization of the most recent lyophilization techniques and the product’s quality.


  • Keeps intact the nutritional properties
  • Prolonged preservation of the product without chemical additives
  • Sterilization of the product
  • Easy to transport

Individual experiences with Donkey Milk may vary with respect to both effectiveness, and potential adverse or allergic reactions. Testimonials and results given about Donkey Milk are from real people, however, individual results may vary depending on your sensitivity, age, and health. It is recommended that you always test a small amount to check for sensitivity or allergic reactions. PLEASE READ FULL DISCLAIMER HERE 


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