To reserve your place at the event, please confirm on our facebook event page here: Hee Haw for Health Event if you don't confirm your spot, bring your own chair, or you'll be sitting on the ground. On a farm. In November. Not fun. Let us know you're coming. It's free.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 
Oklahoma Donkey Dairy
13150 N Peebly Rd
Luther, OK 73054
Boots, close toed shoes, and appropriate clothes to be outside all day (rain, snow, or sun) in the woods, on a farm. We will have free pictures with Santa and his Donkey, so you can dress your kids cute for Santa pics if you'd like, but don't expect them to be cute by the end of the day. It's a working farm. Dirt happens. And we free range everything, so wear your poop shoes. Don't have poop shoes? No worries, you will by the end of the day.
Free for all families with children affected by Autism, PANDAS, PANS, Autoimmune Disease, and other childhood diseases or disabilities, as well as any volunteers, donors, health practitioners, medical students, and their families. Since many of these children are immune compromised, we will not be allowing the general public to attend, unless they give a donation to the event or fall into one of the categories above. (Disclaimer: we may be taking temperatures at the gate if we spy snot. If we suspect sickness, you will not be allowed to enter for the safety of the children attending. For some of these children, a little "cold" can wreck their whole year.)
Bring a picnic lunch and a picnic blanket for your family, and a dessert to share if possible (labeled with ingredients, G/F, S/F, Egg Free, Paleo, etc.). OR you can pick up lunch for your family at one of the restaurants nearby. Choices are limited, and we don't have much time for lunch. Plus, Santa will be here for pics during the lunch hour so if you leave to get lunch, you'll miss him! We strongly suggest bringing your own lunch.

We have some incredible speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise in these fields to bring awareness to PANDAS, ASD, and other health issues in a positive, hope filled environment.

For the schedule of PRESENTATIONS, please go here.

For the schedule of free CONSULTATIONS with practitoners, go here.

We encourage medical students, as well as those currently practicing, to attend this event, learn from the presentations, and meet some of the families affected by these diseases, and as a result, diagnose more children accurately in the future. 

We hope to introduce those practicing traditional western medicine to some of the best in holistic and alternative medicine, and create a bridge of mutual understanding between the two. These incredible Doctors, Researchers, and Health Practitioners are coming from around the world (Portugal, California, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma) to volunteer their time to our children. Select practitioners will have a private space in our woods to see children throughout the day, and some will have a table in a shared space. We will have crafts for children, and maybe a surprise visit from Saint Nic and his Donkey. (Fingers crossed!)

The more families we meet through this journey, the more it becomes apparent that most of them cannot afford even the initial consultation with many of the practitioners they desperately need to see. Worse, insurance doesn't cover the alternative treatments that are showing results for our children. This event will be a day to fill in that gap and show families that there are practitioners that care more about seeing children heal than their bottom line.

If you would like to donate to help us make this event happen, you can do so here