Deposit to schedule picking up raw donkey milk at the Oklahoma Donkey Dairy

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Please read! This is a DEPOSIT toward your first appointment to PICK UP raw donkey milk at the Oklahoma Donkey Dairy. When you pick up raw donkey milk at the farm, we will take $50 off your total milk purchase. 

You do NOT have to pay this deposit! If you would like more information about our RAW donkey milk from our Oklahoma Donkey Dairy and to schedule your first trip to the farm to pick up raw donkey milk, you can just click the link below:


For repeat raw fresh donkey milk customers, please use the short form below to schedule your milk pickup: 


It is against federal law to ship raw milk of any kind and you must pick up raw donkey milk at the farm, and according to the unconstitutional Oklahoma state law on “advertising” raw milk, we are prohibited from advertising (listing the price) of our raw donkey milk on our own website (even though this was proven unconstitutional in the Kansas Case HERE.) It is imperative that Oklahoma immediately amend this unconstitutional statute in direct violation of the First and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights of the Oklahoma Constitution.

 Below is the link to the published research on donkey milk quoted in the memes above:

As seen in Southern Living, Garden & Gun, KOCO news, Fox News, News 9...

RAW DONKEY MILK, frozen in glass jars, available for farm pickup only.

If you can't make the trip to Oklahoma, we are hearing excellent results with our freeze dried Azores Donkey Milk, and we can ship it anywhere in the USA.  

How does it taste?

Well, ask Rhett and Link. 

(Go to Our Story for more News stories on our farm and donkey milk.)


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